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For the love of Arts, Music and these people: Avril Lavigne, Marit Larsen, Arashi, MatsuJun, AKB48, Mariko-sama, Acchan . SCANDAL MAMI

Asian and proud! and hella gay!

Here comes our guitarist…MAMITASU!!

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Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak

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“Everything interests me, but nothing holds me.”

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SCANDAL; “The Journey on Summer Festivals” blogpost by RINA☆

Italian with the members after rehearsal. After that, we took an interview each till night time. We talked till it was as if we’re going to lose our voices. 3 and a half hours ☺︎

From tomorrow onwards, it’s the journey on Summer festivals. Firstly, Osaka! A 2-man with everyone from Kishidan ☺︎ Kishidan Phenomenon 2014「 Kyokutou Rock n Roll • High School Dai Ni Shou 」44 SCANDAL vs Kishidan ~THE GREAT ROCK ‘N’ ROLL SCANDAL in OSAKA~ @Zepp Namba. You can’t not be excited for it! Looking forward! There’s also a cute collaboration T-shirt made! Awesome! Osaka! Kishidan! SCANDAL!

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Double Trouble Tragus with blue and purple opal cabs from #Neometal


Double Trouble Tragus with blue and purple opal cabs from #Neometal

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SCANDAL; “Oha Star!” blogpost by RINA☆

Today, we appeared live on TX’s「Oha Star」! Thank you very much to those who’ve watched it!

Shutting the alarm, heading towards the living room, eating toast while watching Oha Star, I’m going to go for grade school as well☆ Mii. With the knowledge and information I acquired from here, I’ll have the very first conversation of the day with a classmate…it hasn’t changed now, it’s been a programme that gives vigor to everyone from the morning☆ Mii. Saying「Morningー!」and「Have a good day!」makes me happy!

Getting to hear people say, ‘My siblings and family watched!’ gives such warm feelings. I’m happy☆ Mii. Everyone, please work hard for school or work today as well☺︎ I’m rooting for you.

Yoake no Ryuuseigun, it’s finally released today! In the complete first-press limited edition, it comes with a wonderful poster of Pikachu and Diancie lined together under the meteor shower☆ Mii. If it’s good with you, please get your hands on it☺︎ I’ve also gotten mine yesterday☆ Mii.


See you tomorrow..


SCANDAL; “My Boom” blogpost by RINA☆

Popcorn☆Mii. I like this series☺︎ I highly recommend the Cheese and Caramel mix. Coming from the shop, it’s delicious after allー☆Mii. Yesterday, on the way back from going out with MAMI…I wanted to try out all sorts of things☆Mii. Food and clothes and movies and music, I always want to be into something all the timeー. People that have things to tell, I like it.

Today’s casual sandles☺︎ White and sparkly. Nails too, everything’s sparkly☆Mii. Tomorrow morning, we’ll be appearing live on Nihon Terebi’s 「Sukkiri!!」! I’ll perform with my heart!